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About us

The tarp manufacturing specialist for heavy vehicles in Canada

Technoflex — a division of Techno Diesel — is the only company in Canada to specialize exclusively in manufacturing replacement tarps for heavy trucks. Discover why TechnoFlex has become the standard in the trucking industry.

Two types of tarps to meet truck drivers’ needs

TechnoFlex was founded in 2014 to meet a growing need among truck drivers for quick access to quality coverings. These durable tarps are designed to answer to their needs. We divide them into two categories:

  • Covering products for trucks
    Designed for transporting bulk materials, such as gravel and asphalt.
  • Waterproof tarps for trailers
    Extremely durable, these are designed for materials that need to be covered during transportation, such as metal parts.

Learn more about these specialized products, available at these distributors.

Guarantee of high quality

Why should I choose

Experts in transportation and trucking

The TechnoFlex team has extensive knowledge of the transportation and trucking industries. They know your needs and your realities. Take advantage of their wise advice.

Sturdy and durable products

TechnoFlex cares about every small detail and adopts a manufacturing method that’s fully adapted to your industry. Each tarp’s components make them reliable products of the highest quality.

Tarps available across Canada

TechnoFlex products are available near you at many retailers. These tarps are carried by Traction, the country’s leading distributor of parts for heavy vehicles.

100% dedicated to truck drivers

TechnoFlex is the only company nationwide to specialize in tarps for heavy vehicules. High quality products designed and adapted specifically for the trucking industry, TechnoFlex tarps are a must for any truck driver.


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