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February 25, 2021


Industries and businesses are changing—it’s the way of the world. And the transportation industry in which TechnoFlex is invested is certainly no different. How are we effectively adapting to the changes in our field? Let’s take a look...

Changes in the transportation industry

 The transportation industry has grown to be a demanding industry, due to its nature and an ever-increasing demand. On top of this, there have been numerous reforms related to health, safety and regulations.

The industry is facing other problems too: ageing drivers, a labour shortage as well as the struggle to find experienced drivers. Companies are focusing more on the risks associated with accidents, something that requires more time and energy.  The challenges are on the table, and we need to explore ways of addressing them.

Our answer to these changes

We’ve been able to adapt to these evolutions, and today we offer lighter, malleable tarps adapted to trailers of all sizes in order to reduce the weight of the tarp for simpler operations. Always at the cutting edge when it comes to innovation, we offer tarps using new technologies that will benefit you in your day-to-day work.

Our tarps are durable and long-lasting products designed to meet the needs of truck drivers, without any worry on your part about the size of your trailer.

 TechnoFlex’s customers have already leaped into the future. Join them by ordering a tarp for your trailer.