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Woodchip trailer tarp


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The woodchip trailer tarp is synonymous with "sturdiness" among truck drivers. It allows you to safely carry your cargo loads full of volatile materials. Waterproof and durable, this tarp is a must when you’re on the road!

  • Type of tarp


  • Type of transport



  • Woodchip
  • Available sizes

    • TFMPN120X56RCH

      120’’x 56’

    • TFMPN126X56RCH

      126’’ x 56’

    *Sizes available on request

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Our expertise

The specialist in the manufacture of tarps for heavy-duty vehicle in Canada

About us

Distinctive features

This very large woodship tarp is available in two sizes and is perfect for bulk material shipments.

No matter the size of your trailer, this tarp guarantees stability and sturdiness. Plus, the material provides increased sealing, which is crucial for transporting wood chips.

Ensure your safety, and that of others on the road, with these woodchip trailer tarps, designed to add ease to transporting volatile materials.


  • Two sizes offered: 120 inches x 56 feet, 126 inches x 56 feet;
  • Black colour;
  • High-quality wick;
  • Four reinforcing belts;
  • Stainless steel eyelets;
  • Durable replacement tarps for your truck or tarps installed directly at the manufacturer.

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